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 Professor Lars Chittka  

Kirsty Stainton is a science writer and beekeeper. She worked at Fera Science from 2016 to 2020 where she performed research for the National Bee Unit that included molecular detection of the invasive pests, Vespa velutina nigrithorax (Asian hornet) and Aethina tumida (Small hive beetle), molecular analysis of the Asian hornet diet and research into the use of antivirals to treat honey bees.

She then spent 2 years working on honey bee virus research before deciding to move into science communication. She regularly writes articles about bee diseases and recently published her first book - 'A practical guide to Varroa Management'.

She dedicates the rest of her time to her 20+ honey bee colonies.

Talks by Kirsty

Honeybee Diseases

Honeybee Viruses



 Professor Lars Chittka  

Lynfa Davies, lives near Aberystwyth in mid Wales and has kept bees with her husband, Rob, for 18 years. During this time, she has worked her way through the BBKA assessments to become a Master Beekeeper and in 2019 was awarded the National Diploma in Beekeeping. She is an active member of Aberystwyth and District BKA where she gets involved with training new beekeepers. Lynfa is also a member of the Welsh Beekeepers’ Association Learning and Development Committee. She regularly gives talks and leads training sessions on practical aspects of beekeeping. She is a regular speaker at events and association meetings and her articles appear in the beekeeping press.

Lynfa currently has approximately 30 colonies which she manages for honey production and for the joy of looking after bees! In addition, she raises her own queens and uses these to produce nucleus colonies and to replace her own stock. In Spring 2022, Lynfa’s first book, ‘The Miller Method of Queen Rearing’, was published by Northern Bee Books.

Outside of beekeeping, Lynfa works for Menter a Busnes on the Farming Connect contract, a support and advisory programme for farmers in Wales. She manages to bring her expertise on insects to this work providing information and advice on the value of biodiverse ecosystems in a farmed landscape. In addition, Lynfa is currently working on a contract for the Animal and Plant Health Agency to deliver online training modules for intermediate beekeepers in England and Wales.

Talks by Lynfa


Mystery of Mating


Honeybee Behaviour



Friday Night Speaker:

 Professor Lars Chittka  

Caishlan Sweeney joined Eden Project in early 2018 as part of the Communities Team, where she led the delivery of the UK campaign in Scotland, encouraging positive action and nature connection on a mass scale through participation in The Big Lunch and the communities’ network.

In late 2020 she joined the Experience Development Team and leads the engagement programme in Dundee, creating partnerships, projects and opportunities for the public to engage with Eden Project as it comes to life in the city.

Before joining Eden Project, she was Head of Communications at one of Scotland’s most awarded theatres, Dundee Rep and Scotland Dance Theatre.

In 1998 she gained a BA in Sculpture from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design before studying for her Master’s in Fine Art from Norwich School of Art. She went on to establish her practice and career in the arts, working with organisations across the UK and exhibiting in both the UK and Europe. Caishlan still has a studio in Dundee where she continues her practice.

Through her career, she developed a passion for engagement and communication and thrives when building relationships and working with policymakers to create change. From a young age, she has held a strong desire to create a better world and continues to campaign and influence change and her work with Eden Project creates a new opportunity for her to play a part in building a better future.

She has held various board appointments and is currently Secretary for Tayside Mountain Rescue.


Speaking on Wildflower Project/Eden Project in Dundee