All are  invited to attend a beekeeping quiz and social evening on Friday 13th Septemper, hosted by Aberdeen Beekeepers at the Hallmark Hotel from 7:30pm.  So why not travel to Aberdeen on the Friday, meet your fellow beekeepers at this function, and take advantage of the special hotel room rate to be found in accomodation?


Saturday 14th September

09:15 Registration  
10:00 Introduction and Welcome  
10:15 Tony Harris NDB
Bees to the Heather (heather honey, prepping the bees to go to heather, visiting the moors for the duration and preparing and marketing heather honey)
11.15 Questions  
11:25 Break  
11:55 Dara Kilmartin Colony Nutrition, Health and Immunity
12.55 Questions  
13:05 Lunch  
14:05 Tony Harris NDB
Back to Basics - Maximising Your Honey Crop
15.05 Questions  
15:15 Break  
15:45 Raffle Get your tickets ready as the prizes are drawn
15:55 Dara Kilmartin Bee Vision
16:55 Questions  
17:05 Thanks
17:15 Endex  


Programme is subject to change without notification.